Grappling with the Big Questions

5th - 8th 'Zing

Your toughest questions. The Bible's smartest answers.

At 'Zing we're "grappling" with some big questions. Let's examine some tough topics, like 'Do I have to like everybody?' 'How do I know if the Bible is true?' and 'Why did God create me?'

Together we'll check out some interesting stories in the Bible about how Jesus claimed to be the promised Messiah and meet the characters involved.

5th - 8th Grades

Join us the first 3 Sundays of every month for a Bible study just for you.

Sign in and head downstairs to the Teen Room. There will be hot cocoa & snacks, activities, and digging into God's Word.

4th (and 5th) Sundays of each month, join your families in the sermon and see what Pastor has to teach that week.